Anti Gall Girth
Anti Gall Cinch Girth Soft neoprene that breathes and dries quickly, also easily washed. Brand: GTL  
$58.95 $49.95
Fleece Girth Cover
Description • Washable synthetic fleece, fits easily over most girth straps to prevent the girth pulling and chaffing.• Easy to wash and fast to dry this girth cover is an economical problem solver.• Girth not included.
Billet Strap
Description • Nylon web billet strap for western saddles.• 2" wide with heat sealed holes that won't tear out.• Measurements: Overall Length is 35 inches, Hole to hole is 30 inches.
Nylon Girth Strap
Description • Sealed holes will not tear out.• Heavy duty for maximum strength.• Overall length is 166cm. Cinch has 5 sealed holes with a 10cm gap in between each hole.
Latigo Girth Strap
Description • 6' long and 1.3/4" wide.• Made from USA latigo leather for strength and durability.
Anti Gall Girth Cover
Anti Gall Girth Cover Converts any girth into an Anti-Gall girth. 80cm in length Black
Elastic Girth
Nylon 2 buckle girth with elastic at one end, for all-purpose saddles. Stainless steel buckles. Sizes: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 and 150cm Brand: Horze
$68.95 $65.95
Weaver Cinch Strap Latigo Leather
Description • For a reliable fit when tightening your horse's cinch, choose this top quality latigo in burgundy latigo leather.• Features holes for buckling and a coordinating tie in burgundy alum tanned leather.• Measures 1-¾" x 72".
Equi-Prene Dressage Fleece Liner
Add soft fleece to your girth with this natural coloured fleece Liner replacement. Made for the Equi-Prene Elastic Fleece Lined Dressage Girth (GTH456) or similar.It comes in a variety of sizes to match your girth size. Key FeaturesSoft, natural coloured...
Equi-Prene Elastic Belly Bandage
The Equi-Prene Belly (Body) Bandage is designed to be wrapped around the girth area of the horse's body in the saddle area, the closure fastening is underneath using Velcro. We recommend that the Body Bandage is locked into place using...
Fort Worth Velcro Fleece Liner
Replacement liner for Fort Worth Super Fleece Cinch (GTH172).Great opportunity to extend the life of your Cinch and provide the utmost comfort for your horse.
Equi-Prene Jump Fleece Liner
Natural coloured replacement for Equi-Prene Elastic Wool Lined Jump Girth (GTH455) or similar.Available in various sizes to match your girth size.
Fort Worth Latigo Girth Strap - 2 widths, 6' Long
• This Girth Strap is 6' long with a choice of width's.• Made from USA latigo leather for strength and durability.
Schutz Half Breed Off Billet Strap
• Constructed of 1, 3/4inch. wide, top-quality latigo leather with bevelled edges, 66inch. in length. Burgundy 
Fort Worth Double Stitched Latigo Billet - 2 widths
• Made from premium USA Latigo Leather for Strength and Durability.• Double stitched w/Reinforced Nylon.• 2 width options, 1.5" and 1.75
Equi-Stretch Girth Cover
Description • Acrylic/Spandex girth cover that stretches to fit a girth exactly.• Fully machine washable.
Anti-Gall Girth Cover
Description • Converts an existing girth into an Anti-Gall Girth.• 80cm x 10cm .
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