Sunny Plus Rug
10oz poly/cotton double ripstop combo. The Sunny Plus combo has satin in the neck and shoulders, good quality fittings with webbing chest straps - double webbing chest straps on sizes 5'6 to 6'9. Navy/white check only
Budget Ripstop Combo
12oz poly fabric made in DIAMOND Ripstop weave with additional rip resistant of dual coloured polyester grids.Nylon lined at shoulders and mane (for combo), twin removable leg straps, gussets for freedom of movement, tail flap, shaped back for better fittings,...
Ripstop Combo - GTL
Sunny Plus Combo 10oz Double Ripstop poly/cotton Combo. Satin lined neck and shoulders, with good quality fittings. White with navy binding. Webbing chest straps in sizes from 5'6 to 6'9 and one webbing chest strap in sizes 4'6 to 5'3. ...
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