Spiral Leg Bands - Mixed (20)
SPIRAL LEG BANDS – PACK OF 20 • Spiral style plastic leg bands made of durable plastic • Smooth edges • Easy to apply to your birds • Inside diameter: 16 mm • Now available in mixed colour pack
Egg Transport Box - Small
EGG TRANSPORT BOX - SMALL & LARGE • Small: Stackable and interlocking egg box that can hold 180 eggs using our 30 egg trays (6 trays) • Large: Stackable and interlocking egg box that can hold 360 eggs using our...
Poultry Transport Crate - Two Door
CHICK/QUAIL TRANSPORT CRATE • The plastic crate with front door for quails, chicks and similar birds transportation is useful for moving small birds from one place to another • It is easy to assemble • Dimensions 29 × 60 ×...
Poultry Transport Crate - Chick/Quail
POULTRY TRANSPORT CRATE - SINGLE DOOR • Plastic crate for chicken transportation with an upper sliding door, useful for moving animals from one place to another • Good quality construction – manufactured from a sturdy hard plastic (suitable for commercial...
Poultry Egg Tray Plastic - 30 Egg
PLASTIC POULTRY EGG TRAY 21MM • Plastic egg tray that holds 30 eggs • Allows an easy and safe transport of the eggs, protecting them from risks of breakage • The trays can be stacked together
Poultry Leg Rings 8mm - Mixed (24)
LEG RINGS – PACK OF 24 • Useful for identification purposes for poultry and other large birds • Snap on leg rings for easy application (applied by pressing firmly to lock) • Reusable • Available in four colours: Blue, Green,...
Poultry Leg Bands - Orange (50)
• Best quality with heavy round plastic • Resilient, non-brittle – with full lap • Longer lasting and will not fade • Just open the bands and apply to your birds • Perfect to track your birds through the season...
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